LX Laser has been a valuable partner of Source Display for almost 20 years. Lx Laser is competitive and outstanding when fast delivery is neces ...
- Richard Sonier Purchasing Manager,Source Display Inc

"Experience & Service, A Cut Above the Rest"

How important is it to you that the product you provide is truly “unique?” - When was the last time you felt that your wishes for design had been fulfilled to the extent you desire? Enter: LX Laser’s design expertise - With well over a decade of Efficient and Effective Experience (our signature ‘triple E’ approach to research and development) we will meet your artistic and deadline requirements. Our customized solutions capabilities span over the following materials:

* Custom perforated (slotted) tubes * Kydex
* Steel (Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled) * PVC
* Stainless steel * Wood
* Titanium * Rubber
* Aluminum * Plywood
* Teflon * Acrylic
* Lexan * ABS

The last three years have brought significant growth to the LX Laser family and we have expanded our horizons by forging partnerships that compliment our services. By leveraging these partnerships we are able to offer a holistic solutions platform to support your innovative vision. As our resources have grown, so have our ambitions; our company resources are now aligned to focus on medium to large projects.
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