LX Laser has been a valuable partner of Source Display for almost 20 years. Lx Laser is competitive and outstanding when fast delivery is neces ...
- Richard Sonier Purchasing Manager,Source Display Inc

"Experience & Service, A Cut Above the Rest"

Our mission is to be more than a mouth that speaks high quality and provides average standards - we urge you to test us! Our mission is to stand by the due when we give you a date; we know how important it is for our clients to meet their deadlines - and the only thing we wish to be is the source of none but perfect timing. And what would perfect timing be without the perfect job? We wish to cut your materials of choice to the exact dimensions you imagined - and with pin-point laser technology, leave it up to us to satisfy those needs.

Finally, the latest addition to our services demands that we be able to provide you with the metal you request at the time you need it. In the future, our intent is to grow our merchandise and increase our capacity to help you find what you need at the same place you can have it modified as you desire.

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